Gardens and Parks

On this page you, who are staying with us at the Bar On Nature Resorts, Culture, Tours, and
Culinary, find the top parks and parks in the Western Galilee, stroll and enjoy them within driving
distance not far from our accommodation complex.

Almuna Gardens: A magical place that is highly recommended to visit. Located in the village of Julis, a 25-minute drive from our accommodation complex. The name means genes of hope and faith. The gardens were set up by Mr. Naji Abbas, in memory of his parents and grandfather and given the name of the mother – Mona. The garden is located in the family’s private area in the center of the village but is open to visitors. The gardens are spread over a large area full of majestic nature and an atmosphere of faith and hope based on the Druze community. The gardens have received international recognition and awards. The gardens are lush with waterfalls, fountains, sculptures, buildings, animals and vegetation from all over the world

Park Goren: Park Goren is located at the top of a cliff overlooking Monfort Fortress about 20 minutes drive from our accommodation complex. From the cliff you can watch over the western Galilee. The park covers about 2,000 acres, with marked hiking trails, bird watching and picnic tables. As well as day and night parking spaces, drinking water taps and restrooms. The park is located in the heart of a grove and above the Ziv River channel, and also serves as a convenient point of departure for hiking in and around Ziv River. Around the park there is a scenic route about eight miles in length, a private car and bus pass. The road encompasses the entire park and allows access to the park’s sites, parking lots and hiking trails.

The Bahá’í Gardens – Acre: Located opposite the Bustan Galilee  , a 15-minute drive from our accommodation complex. The Bahá’í attracts over half a million visitors a year, one of the most popular tourist sites in the Middle East. Their unique design, which combines geometric patterns and spectacular landscaping with a meticulous and loving attitude to the values ​​of landscape, nature, and history, speaks to every visitor. In July 2008, the Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa and Acre were selected to be included in a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, for being of “outstanding universal value” as sacred sites and as pilgrimage sites for Baha’i believers. The Bhaji Gardens, north of Acre, encompass the widespread history of the Bahá’u’lláh, the founding prophet of the Bahá’í religion, in his last years, and the temple where he was brought to rest. The circular garden leads to a long, straight path along which cypress and natural vegetation are planted. Walking for the garden paths awakens inner peace, which intensifies as you approach the center of the garden. Upon entering the heart of the site, the visitor felt as if he entered a world of calm and tranquility, a kind of shelter without walls protecting him without creating a sense of closure

National Park – Achziv – a 10-minute drive from our accommodation complex. A magical national park that includes grasses, antiques, a beach, blue bays and rocky woods, kurkar ridges and rare plants, sea turtle dumps, relics of the biblical city of Achzib and a beach with swimming pools. The beach has two pools: a pool of shallow water and a pool of deep water. The garden includes the western part of the ladder range, from the beach to 130 m above sea level

Monkey Forest   Yodfat – about 30 minutes drive from our accommodation complex. The Monkey Forest began as a living corner for the children of the village of Yodfat in the 1970s. Then, the squirrel monkey ancestors came from a habitat in Belgium and their name was called “Monkey Forest.” The approach is that holding the monkeys in cages is wrong, so they got a large patch of forest for life in their own territory. In 1990, the Monkey Forest became an animal, educational and tourism haven. Ever since, the basis for connecting with the animals and the vegetation is respect and love. The attitude of the locals is that animals feel, feel, are important to our world and deserve to live (when not in nature) as close to natural conditions as possible.

Ein Afek Nature Reserve – A charming nature reserve, one of the leading nature reserves in Israel. Located in Zebulun Valley, east of

Kiryat Bialik, a 25-minute drive from our accommodation complex. The reserve includes both the springs and marshes that are the source of Nahal Nahman and the Tel Afek archaeological site and covers 660 dunams. The reserve includes: The Swamp Trail – An experiential hiking trail built on a bridge over the marsh water. An ancient flour mill – an impressive two-story building, whose foundations were built during the Roman period and most of its remains are from the Crusader period. A permanent display of traditional agricultural tools, a video on the Ein Afek nature reserve and changing art exhibitions. Tel Afek – An archaeological mound in the southern part of the reserve, with settlement remains from many periods. Endangered Plant Shelter Garden – An endangered plant garden. The plants were moved from areas that were before development along the Nahman River and planted in plots that simulate natural habitats.


Monfort Lake and Extreme Park – Monfort Lake, Israel’s first ecological park, is located in the heart of the western Galilee east of the city of Maalot Tarshiha, a 15-minute drive from our accommodation complex, surrounded by lawns and activity facilities. Visitors will enjoy the ice skating hall, group and caravan camping site, kayaking and pedal boating, karting, extreme field trips, summer swimming pool, restaurants, buffets and lawns where you can enjoy a picnic, family time or simply enjoy a stroll in the pleasant sun. In the lake, Extreme Park is challenged by four floors of challenging facilities of varying degrees of difficulty, which allow participants to rediscover motor skills they have not used for a long time. Being able to overcome fear as you move through the facilities is a shared experience for all ages. The four floors of the park are designed to allow users to progress easily according to the various levels of difficulty. With the exception of the ground floor intended for small children 4 to 6 years (accompanied by parents) in one continuous track, on the three floors above the level of difficulty of the facilities with the intention of providing the challenging experience, the activity lasted about an hour and a half. A skilled team runs the park, escorts visitors to it and makes sure that all activities are done safely and fun. The park meets all the highest standards of safety in the world and in Israel.

Extreme – Acre Challenge Park – Israel’s largest challenge park located about 20 minutes drive from our accommodation. The largest 32-foot-tall climbing wall park in the Middle East, a giant 90-foot omega, crazy SKY TRACK tracks and over 2,000 feet of stunning climbing walls, with some 8,000 climbing grips designed specifically for France in the park. Extreme Park brings the gospel of Extreme Sports to the general public and aims to raise the level of the industry in the country to professionalism. The general public is invited to come, be impressed and experience for themselves from a variety of facilities, tailored to any level of difficulty and age. At the top of the outer climbing wall is the highest 10-storey bungee drop in Israel. The bungee jump at Extreme Acre Park is unique thanks to a pulleys system that allows you to reach the ground with a soft landing, on your feet, and therefore also suitable for children.