Memorable culinary hospitality

The “Shirat Hasirim” – poetry of the cooking pot , run by Chef Yaron Chen, invites you to a dream vacation in a unique and pastoral resort, “Bar-On Vacation Homes – Nature and Culture.” Guarantee the perfect vacation that combines a unique hosting experience with a rich menu tailored to your taste. Contact us today and make time for an unforgettable culinary hospitality experience!

ירון חן
השף ירון חן "שירת הסירים"

Memorable Culinary Hospitality

The perfect accommodation package offers you a wide range of activities, games and culture located in a pastoral corner at the foot of a modernly furnished villa decorated with a fully equipped kitchen, 18-person table, thin wood, gas-based barbecue, and garden furniture. The villa is surrounded by grass, fruit trees and a spice garden, located next to the host’s house, with three additional dreamy accommodations.

The Western Galilee opens its doors and also invites you to enjoy soft lawns, herbs and fruit trees that will enrich the experience. In the accommodation complex you will also enjoy a reflexological sensation path, a trampoline, a huge air-conditioned playground in the summer and heated in the winter, a children’s tree house and a hidden path. It is also possible to book mounted and guided tours in the seat of an operational vehicle and roll in a 4X4 vehicle.

Among the many activities available to you, you can enjoy unique cooking workshops for groups and individuals. The diverse workshops offer the perfect answer to every person’s taste and activity that is all about the passion for fine dishes and delicious food. Chef Yaron Chen, who has rich experience in the culinary world, is responsible for the workshops, among other things, which includes fine chef meals and unique boutique events.

Whether you prefer a particularly impressive chef at a dreamy hospitality in the face of the Green Galilee landscape, or if you prefer to experiment with a dairy galley cooking workshop with all the friends during a long-planned vacation, choosing a culinary hospitality will be the exact answer for your every need and preference.

A fine culinary experience

“Bar-On Vacation Resort ” alongside “Shirat Hasirim” open their doors wide and invite you to culinary hospitality of a lifetime! During each visit, the hosts, Amit and Smadar, will be at your disposal for any question and request 24/7. Beside them, chef Yaron Chen will make sure that your dream or marital couple’s vacation will also be characterized as a fine culinary experience.

Contact us now and promise yourself and everyone you love the perfect vacation!