In addition to the luxurious villas, you are also waiting here:

Our guests enjoy, play, and enjoy a great variety of unconventional and surprising attractions in our dining complex: air-conditioned games room with hundreds of games, terrapina, children’s home, reflexology path, spice garden, hidden lantern, basket ball facility, variety of fruit trees, and more. For your perfect pleasure during our stay with us.

Our dining area is located in Moshav Ben Ami, surrounded by attractions and a variety of options for our guests: a mini market open about 14 hours on weekdays, playgrounds, clinic, horse farm, bicycle rental, book interchange, greenhouses for fires and vegetables, goat cheese dairy, and more. Nahariya City and Galilee Medical Center.

The Western Galilee at the heart of our host complex is a wonderful destination for a fun, luxurious and happy vacation. Within 20 minutes drive you can enjoy hundreds of wonderful attractions: stunning beaches, mountains, lakes, streams, wineries, gardens, challenging and sporting activities, cultural shows, pubs and bars, restaurants, parks, heritage sites and history, fortresses, festivals, galleries And a host of activities and attractions open 365 days a year for any age, religion, or any person.

Our accommodation complex is a 10-minute walk from the Galilee Medical Center, formerly called Nahariya Hospital. Many doctors, interns, interns and their families stay with us at the compound for short periods (often months) during periods when their relatives or relatives work at the medical center. We also host medical tourism families whose relatives, from all over the world, receive treatment at the Galilee Medical Center. The short distance between our host complex and the Galilee Medical Center allows our guests good and quick access to the medical center. The Nahariya Hospital has many and many reform departments, some of which are leading in their field in Israel.