Purple Mark:

Our accommodation complex is active during the Corona COVID 19 period in accordance with the purple mark of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health in the State of Israel.

In accordance with the Israeli government’s decision of April 27, 2020 and the Ministry of Tourism’s proposal, we are working to ensure the safe operation of our accommodations in accordance with the following principles:

A. Guests at the accommodation facility and conduct during their stay:

1. Guests fill out and sign a health statement

2. We manage guest logs according to the instructions

3. Only Nuclear Families or our people are allowed to stay together for at least 14 days prior to hosting

4. Receiving orders is done digitally or by phone

5. Payment for hospitality is made digitally by app or wire transfer

6. Send the invoice via e-mail

B. workers

1. Employees fill and sign a health statement

2. We manage logs, cleaning, employees, suppliers, contractors as directed

c. Food and Trash

1. When guests order meals, they are served at the guest house

2. A grilling facility (barbecue) is adjacent to the guest house and is used only for guests staying in the same guest house

3. Use the multi-purpose tools that are only in-house

4. Every home has a dishwasher

5. The food scraps and disposable tools are collected by guests in garbage bags that we provide and are centralized at the central garbage disposal facility located at the entrance to our accommodation complex. Guests should be careful about tying bags, as well as preventing garbage disposal and leaving garbage bags out of the house so that animals do not disperse them. Organic garbage (in the heat bin) must be kept separate garbage (in the green bin) plastic bottles (for the container marked on the home balcony), glass bottles (for the container marked on the home balcony) for cartons and papers in front of the trampoline facility.

D. Cleanliness and hygiene

1. The maids are equipped with gloves and masks. The gloves are replaced with a move from hostel to hostel

2. Laundry (linen, towels) is carried out for a special bag marked

3. Laundry is carried out by an “all-in-one” professional laundry and returned ironed in sealed and labeled bags.

4. The utensils are washed in a dishwasher at a temperature of 70 ° C

5. The house cleaning is done in three steps:

a. Cleaning in accordance with existing work procedures, with emphasis on frequent contact with guests such as circuit breakers, door handles and the like.

b. Special disinfection of surfaces, cabinets and other objects in all accommodation units with other detergents containing at least 70% alcohol.

c. Ventilation of guest houses

6. Disinfectant and alcohol gel wipes were placed at the main entrance to the accommodation complex and in other centers.