Green Tourism:

Our commitment to a green, eco-friendly, sustainability tourism and maintains our collaboration with our guests, our employees, and our suppliers.

In April 2020, during the first Corona COVID-19 Period, after a long process of controls and testing, we were recognized by the International Green Tourism Organization for Green Tourism eligibility – Silver status (one status above Bronze) and we are undergoing further testing to upgrade to Gold status. Which is the highest and most prestigious status in green tourism. Green Tourism is a non-profit organization headquartered in Scotland that promotes greener processes for businesses and organizations in the areas of: reducing energy use, saving water, efficient and environmentally friendly waste, encouraging local and seasonal business, minimizing waste of food, promoting biodiversity, and promoting sustainable and sustainable access.

 The following are the actions we take to implement the commitment:

 • We generate solar PV power

• In all of our homes, garbage disposal is strictly organic, general, plastic bottles, glass bottles, papers and cartons. Each category is assigned a separate container.

• We use green products: biodegradable bags, cleaning supplies, etc.

• Our maid service receives adequate wages including full social conditions, vacations, recovery, pensions, etc.

• We monitor water and electricity consumption on-line regularly by mobile apps and internet communications.

• Take care of reducing air pollution, light and the environment. Make sure you use LED lighting and other energy-efficient technologies. We make sure to purchase economical appliances with at least an energy rating including refrigerators, baking ovens, air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.

• We regularly employ a pest control company with leading international standards – Eitan Amichai IPM Pest Control using only standard materials

• We employ two gardening teams that operate throughout the year and maintain the flora in the hospitality area regularly.

• We contribute to the community in which we live on several levels: Provide our playroom and recreation room free of charge for public meetings when there are no guests in the complex, are active in the regional tourism associations and maintain contact with the National Tourism Office and follow the instructions of the competent bodies.

• Our resort has been declared an international green tourism complex by Green Tourism international.

• We make sure to purchase services, goods and food from local manufacturers and suppliers to encourage action in the Western Galilee and the State of Israel.


And following the actions we took and we continue to invest in the matter, we received on October 28, 2022 a message from the management of confirming that our tourist complex was recognized as an approved property in the fields of construction. And the message confirms our obligation to hold the material.


In the massage “”Congratulations! Your property has been recognised as a Certified property. This means you’ve made a strong commitment towards sustainability by subscribing to one or more external third-party industry certifications. We appreciate this strong commitment from partners like you, and to help further your sustainability efforts, we’re evolving the programme by introducing Travel Sustainable levels. The addition of these levels will highlight where you are at in your sustainability journey based on what you’ve achieved so far, and where you can still grow.”

Tourism all over the world today prefers complexes that take actions and have authority in the fields of ecology, environmental quality, energy saving, support for local businesses, community contribution, and corporate responsibility. A confirmation of this can be read in the studies of Dr. Shahar Shilo – Head of the Department of Tourism Studies at Ashkelon Academic College and CEO of the Ramat Hanegev Tourism Association  that born in Kibbutz Rosh Hankara