In our area

Our resort is located in Moshav Ben Ami, surrounded by attractions and a variety of options for our
guests: a mini market open about 14 hours on weekdays, playgrounds, clinic, horse farm, bicycle
rental, book interchange, greenhouses for fires and vegetables, goat cheese dairy, and more.
The city of Nahariya and the Galilee Medical Center

Public Library: In our moshav is a public library that includes thousands of books, a beautiful and rich children’s library, a play area, a memorial for the boys who fell in the Israeli wars and a good and open atmosphere to welcome every visitor and visitor, fertilization runs every Sunday and Tuesday of the week from 16:00 to 18:00: And on Fridays between 12:00 and 14:00, many families come with their children to read, play and enjoy the library. The library is part of the Meta Asher Regional Library Network

Ben Ami: The moshav is located on the border of the city of Nahariya in the Western Galilee, on the side of Road 89 opposite the Galilee Medical Center (which is 10 minutes walk from our accommodation complex), formerly called Nahariya Hospital. The moshav is a workers’ seat declared in the 2000s as a tourist village and as such its infrastructure has been upgraded and its landscapes are assisted by the Ministry of Tourism. Established in 1949 and named to him in memory of Ben Ami Fechter, who was commander of the Carmeli Brigade during the War of Independence and fell in the battle of the Yehiam convoy. Ben Ami is a real gem that many Israelis and tourists visit. A variety of services and attractions for its residents and guests are welcomed here The seat is considered a “real estate gem”, which many doctors, stagers, and medical staff prefer to live in because of its close proximity to the hospital and the city of Nahariya. The seat is strictly managed by a farming association committee and a municipal committee. Members of the moshav and its residents manage the community on a voluntary basis in addition to a small operational team that includes a community manager and a secretary. To self-source water sources for agriculture, and all residences and guest houses receive standard water sources as much as residents of the state

Grocery : In this neighborhood the grocery store, here in the working settlement is called Consumer, in any case it is a medium supermarket where you can find almost all products: vegetables, dairy products, bread, pies, canned goods, meat, ice cream, ice cream, cakes etc. Located in the center of the seat

Clinic: Clinic: In front of the grocery store in a small home you will find the clinic of Clalit Health Services. In the clinic working almost every day a medical nurse and twice a week a family doctor, the medical staff is always happy to provide medical help according to the procedures

Ofan – Bateva: Have you ever wanted a bike ride? David Taub will provide you with (for a fee) a couple of pairs for you, a route to travel there and an explanation of the situation and its surroundings. In nature, you will find the ideal combination of nature, fun and exercise, in a variety of options that include trips for individuals and groups for the Galilee trails. It is also possible to make transfers of SUVs, road bikes, and equipment wherever you can get by vehicle and carts.

Synagogue: In the center of the moshav we built a magnificent synagogue, in the community there is a congregation of worshipers who observe every morning – morning prayers, and on Friday Saturdays and Jewish holidays prayers as usual. Our religious community is welcoming and welcoming guests of our compound with great love and appreciation

Exotic Fruits – Self Picking – Organic Orchard and Nursery – In the Landau economy, close to our dining complex, our April to July weekends are held on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) each year self-harvesting of organic exotic fruits. In the orchard there are eight raspberry varieties waiting for visitors, each cultivar in its season. A number of delicious and chewy strawberry varieties (be careful about the shirt, the fruit stain does not come down) and large strawberry in the taste of yesteryear. During the raspberry harvest season, the orchard is open as long as there is ripe fruit in the field. The orchard covers 8 acres, mostly devoted to self-harvesting. In the nursery you can purchase seedlings of special fruit trees. Organic jams and home-made liqueurs can also be bought instead, as well as fresh fruit in the season! In the orchard you can also get explanations about various exotic fruits / seedlings, flowers, and shrubs. In addition, you can purchase exotic seedlings for home growing – to your own organic corner – all organic crops without spray material. In the orchard are about 40 kinds of fruits that are almost unknown in the country: Panama, Wumpy, White Spot, Black Spot, Ice Cream Beans, Malabar Walnut, Tamarindi, Longan, Strawberry (Gothic), Cannistel, Lokomo and other well-known fruits such as: Raspberry, Passiflora , Strawberries, pitango, figs, pomegranates, lychee, guava, citrus. The orchard has evolved and grown over the years with a love of organic farming and fruit craze. The Orchard works in collaboration with the Volcanic Institute and experimental farms in Israel and now serves two main purposes:

Agricultural and ecological purpose: Treat the orchard with an organic and natural method and emphasize the importance of this. I will acclimate fruits from different regions of the world: America, South America, Southeast Asia and China, in an attempt and hope to bring them to commercial growth in the country. Organic Botany – a nursery specializing in a variety of special fruit trees.

Tourist Purpose: In the spring as the different raspberry varieties are ripened, the orchard opens to the general public and is given the opportunity to experience new exotic flavors. The entire orchard is grown using organic methods! Without the use of pesticides and chemicals, the fruits can be eaten straight from the bushes and trees without any concern.


Nahari Farm – Exotic Fruit | Organic Annona | Organic Papaya | Organic Avocado | Papaya Ora – The first greenhouse was established in 1984 by Yoram Nahari of the first growers in the country. Since then, knowledge and experience has accumulated. Today Omar Nahari his grandson and his family continue the work and life of grandfather Yoram. Papaya is a healthy fruit, with many nutritional values ​​and with many virtues and with This is not fattening (about 30 calories per day 100 g.) Beyond the rich nutritional value Papaya contains the papain enzyme in large quantities and is known for its contribution to energy metabolism and digestion enhancement. , Ice cream and desserts, Papaya does not lose its flavor and features in B. Shul and therefore serves as a great raw material in Asian cuisine.The fruit is recommended to be slightly soft, yellow with small greyish craters on the bark of fruit.Anna the farm grows from the 70s. Our favorite poplar variety is called Gaffner and its season starts in mid-September to the end of December. Honeysuckle is a unique growth, the honeysuckle flowers are traditionally fertilized with traditional manual pollination which increases the fruit crop on the trees and strengthens the bond between the farmer and the tree.The honeysuckle fruit is rich in potassium and vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, iron, beta carotene, calcium and dietary fiber . Each 100 grams of fruit has 75 calories, and is attributed to many different health properties, but its main value and taste.

The fruit can be enjoyed in a variety of uses, fresh, juices and smoothies, salads, ice creams and desserts. Get the fruit a little hard and keep it out of the fridge until fully softened, the fruit is recommended to eat when soft and tender


Book changer: A second hand bookstore located in the heart of a farm, in Ben Ami Moshav, a 3-minute drive from our dining area, and born of a love of books. The store is spread over 100 sq.m. Therefore, people from all over the country come and fetch books and even request that they come to collect books and every request is answered positively.

Teva  EZ Dairy – is located in Ben-Ami Moshav in the Western Galilee, a 2-minute walk from our accommodation complex. Instead, a variety of sheep and goat cheeses produce diverse and unique quality cattle. Next to the dairy is located a goat. The goat’s house was established by Dror Booker in 1984, when he came as a son to Samuel’s farm and Chaya Be’er. The white-colored goats are of the Zanan origin of Switzerland. The dairy uses, to make the cheeses, the fresh milk milked in the goat’s milk. The dairy was established in 1991 during a time of crisis in goat’s milk consumption in Israel, when growers faced the choice to close the apartments or start setting up dairy farms to use the goats’ milk. In 1995, it also joined the cheese factory. Seeing that well, he led a move to a large building with wider and higher quality options. This move was completed in 2001. In 2011, Susanna joined Sargent – a cheese-specialized food technology that swung the dairy and helped us achieve our goals and set goals. In 2016, Izzy completed his role in the dairy, while Dror and Susanna continued to hold the flag and raise the dairy. At the end of 2017, when Susana completed her role, Shachar Fisher, a Technion graduate food engineer who also worked in the field, moved in with him. The dairy continues to grow and grow and is heavily involved in new product development. Today the dairy absorbs all the dairy products of the economy and even buys more milk from other dairy producers. The variety of cheeses has grown and the supply continues to grow.

“Goat Nature Tours in Deir” offers you to join a fun and agricultural experience in the goat deer in Ben Ami Moshav. Rotem Booker-Michaeli and Avner Ben Nun, married to the daughter of Dror and Nitza Booker, a third generation in the economy and the family guidance team, will receive you on a tour that takes place all the time during an uninterrupted agricultural activity that takes place in Deir every day. And a half, including familiarity with the farm and the goat’s pastry, bottling of goats in the palm, feeding the goats from the palm, manual milking and cheese making workshop with a taste at the end

Senesch Dog Pension: When you come to stay in our lodgings and you don’t have where to leave your dog or hollow there is a quality and welcoming solution for your pet. The boarding house was established for the love of pets and another branch of the Sanesh farm in Moshav Ben Ami, 10 minutes walk from our accommodation complex. The pension offers guests a personal treatment that is as similar to the treatment they receive at home, in a rural atmosphere. The pet is named and receives petting and care accordingly. The boarding house is run by my son and Gila Senesh. The pension was established in 1974 by founders Saul and Judith Szenes, Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Israel in 1947, settled in Ben-Ami Moshav and established a farm based on the avocado and citrus industries. It is recommended to book / reserve a place in advance, especially during Passover, Tishrei and summer months. Cats / dogs are on weekdays from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. On Saturdays and holidays from 8am to 9am, and all of this from experience contributes greatly to the acclimatization and adaptation of a pet in a pension