Top Tourist Attractions

On this page you, who are staying with us at the Bar on Nature, Culture, Tours, and Culinary
Holiday Homes, find the most attractive tourist sites of the Western Galilee and thus plan and
make your vacation the best, enjoy and get to know the gems of nature, landscape, history,
heritage, culture and art in the Western Galilee.

Old Acre: One of the most magical places in Israel. A real seaside town, located on a peninsula, surrounded by ancient Crusader walls, it contains historical and culinary treasures, a variety of flavors, smells and colors. The development momentum in ancient Acre has made it a popular destination for Israelis and tourists alike in recent years. Fish and seafood restaurants, fascinating sites that reveal the life of the Crusader knights who transformed Acre into a city with a magnificent historical heritage, and of course Acre’s famous market, with smells, flavors and tastes like them, can be found nowhere else. The city visits over 2 million tourists every year and has been recognized by UNESCO as a as a World Heritage Site.

ROSH HANIKRA: One of the most fascinating tourist attractions of ISRAEL is a 15-minute drive from our accommodation complex. The only spot in the country where the sea meets the mountains is visible in the white texture of the rocks, a rare natural phenomenon that you can expect after watching the scenery of the Galilee and a fascinating cable car with a spectacular view. The site visit is suitable for families of all ages and is recommended year-round

The Bahá’í Gardens – Acre: Located opposite the Bustan Galilee  , a 15-minute drive from our accommodation complex. The Bahá’í attracts over half a million visitors a year, one of the most popular tourist sites in the Middle East. Their unique design, which combines geometric patterns and spectacular landscaping with a meticulous and loving attitude to the values ​​of landscape, nature, and history, speaks to every visitor. In July 2008, the Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa and Acre were selected to be included in a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, for being of “outstanding universal value” as sacred sites and as pilgrimage sites for Baha’i believers. The Bhaji Gardens, north of Acre, encompass the widespread history of the Bahá’u’lláh, the founding prophet of the Bahá’í religion, in his last years, and the temple where he was brought to rest. The circular garden leads to a long, straight path along which cypress and natural vegetation are planted. Walking for the garden paths awakens inner peace, which intensifies as you approach the center of the garden. Upon entering the heart of the site, the visitor felt as if he entered a world of calm and tranquility, a kind of shelter without walls protecting him without creating a sense of closure