Looking for a restaurant in the Western Galilee to dine while staying with us at Bar On Vacation
Homes, Nature Tour Tours and Culinary Arts? We have gathered for you a variety of restaurants
where we love to dine. Israeli, Oriental, Italian, Kosher, Fish, Meat, Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher, Dairy
... Cafe etc. Of course, you can also consult with us and get our direct recommendation.

Banahala – offers its guests lovely corners for sitting, a laid-back atmosphere with a northern breeze, and is also known simply as a place to win fine dining, hearty service, peace and quiet.

If you come with the children, they can enjoy dishes that are specially prepared for them, and some of your freedom while playing at playgrounds scattered around the area and a nearby, lighted lawn.

In Banahala menu: morning pastries, cakes and desserts, for a little hunger, or alongside the main feast. The menu also offers satisfying main dishes, made from old-fashioned entrecote meat sourced from the Golan Heights, fresh fish, and the best vegetables of the season. There are also great pastas and options for vegan and vegetarian dishes,

An East Lebanese restaurant in Shlomi, which boasts a list of regular guests, on a variety of salads, meats, fish and special dishes that are plentiful.

Alto – Dairy Dairy – Dairy Shop – Cafe – Meals – Located in Kibbutz Shamrat about 13 km from our accommodation complex, a wonderful place to have breakfast, coffee, buy good cheeses and enjoy good jobs and a relaxed atmosphere

Aluma – Gourmet Restaurant – Galile Bistro – Located between Kfar Vradim and Tarshiha, serves a modern culinary experience with traditional touches, high quality meat slices in the Galilee, sea fish and this harvested vegetable

Adelina – a chef’s restaurant – is located in Kibbutz Kabri 5 minutes’ drive from our complex. In the center of the Tabun restaurant, the restaurant space also houses a private room where intimate events or business meetings can be held for up to 14 people. The restaurant serves diners a Mediterranean cuisine experience with Spanish touches, making sure to use the best ingredients in the Galilee, in Israel and in the world. The menu features rich and varied tapas with colors and flavors, quality meats, fresh seafood, seafood, desserts from our pastry and a selection of wines from the region’s wineries.

The Elmersa restaurant, located on the edge of the marina pier, in Old Acre is a 20-minute drive from our accommodation complex. Fish restaurant, meats, fish, seafood, Mediterranean food. The restaurant overlooks the dock of Acre’s fishing boats, and from there comes most of the finest ingredients that make up the dishes on the restaurant menu.

Alexander – Restaurant – Located on Nahariya’s Central Street – Gaaton – about 5 km from our hospitality complex – a diverse menu of flavors that combine the Land of Israel, America and even touches from the East. Alongside the meat dishes, you can find a variety of fresh pastas, The baked pizzas are hot and fresh on the premises, fish, and of course you have not forgotten the vegetarian you are ..

Hummus Abu Adham – one of the best and most quality hummus restaurants in Israel – is located in Kfar Yasif – a 15-minute drive from our accommodation complex. If you crave original, fresh, or delectable hummus – this is the place. In a cylindrical chickpea menu in Paul’s well-known combinations of pumpkin, meats and vegetable salad, zips and egg

Cafe Restaurant located near the beach and pier of Nahariya, about 5 km from our accommodation complex – a combination of classic design and huge windows overlooking the sea. Kids meals, vegan dishes and of course quality coffee.

An Italian restaurant located in the village of Julis is about 20 minutes drive from our accommodation complex. A rich variety of pizzas, salads, sausages, sambusk, special dishes, salads and desserts, in a very special place with garden, fountain, VIP room, excellent service, everything is delicious and fun to sit at.

Bistro 899 is a   restaurant located on Kibbutz Ayalon a 20-minute drive from our accommodation complex. The menu provides quality food for both meat lovers and vegetarians, with many years of recipes. The restaurant is decorated in a retro atmosphere with dozens of collectibles from the dining area.

The Cliff – A kosher chef’s restaurant at the top of the cliff, which is about a 15-minute drive from our dining complex. The panoramic windows overlook the Mediterranean, blending in with a unique culinary experience. Chef’s menu, which includes strictly Mediterranean cuisine: from enticing meats to fresh marine treasures

A kosher meat restaurant is located near the Achziv beach about 10 minutes drive from our accommodation complex. From the more famous restaurants in the Western Galilee, for kosher meat lovers this is the perfect place.

The breakfast club is located at the entrance to Moshav Shavei Zion, a 10-minute drive from our accommodation complex. A milky bistro serving a variety of unique breakfasts, alongside Mediterranean-style dishes (Turkish, Moroccan, Italian), even reaching Scandinavia. The complex has a play area. In the evening, he changes his face to a “dinner club” and serves sophisticated dishes alongside an alcohol and cocktail menu.

Café Clil is located in Clil, about 15 minutes drive from our accommodation complex. Drop and Delightful Entertainment Venue – A graceful and colorful hospitality tent that takes time slowly and comfortably. The menu at the cafe is vegetarian-vegan and includes a variety of wonderful home-cooked dishes, Indian food, indulgent breakfasts, home-made cakes and pastries, desserts, herbal teas and fine coffee straight from the macaque. Around orchard fruit trees and inside, live music and good wine. Open on weekends only

The Uri Bury restaurant is located near the lighthouse in Old Acre, a 20-minute drive from our accommodation complex. Gourmet restaurant ranks first in the entire Middle East. Fine portions of fresh fish and seafood that come from the nearest place, Acre’s water, local vegetables and good cheeses, alongside top Israeli wines. Vegetarians will also find a menu of vegetarian dishes offered on site, along with a wide variety of starters and starters from the sea and vegetation.