Our Ten Commandments at Bar-On - Vacation Resort - Nature, Culture, Tours and Culinary.

  1. Constant investment, constant upgrading, constant improvement – constantly moving forward. we upgrad our homes, the furniture, the design, our web presence, we upgrad the landscaping, addactivities. we are Painting and renovating the houses every few months and at least twice a year.
  2. Differentiation – focus on traveling families, activities, books and games in each home. Our homes were built in conventional construction: fully equipped kitchen, and washing machine, conditions that also required long stays. We provide a lot of attractions in their experience: games room, sensory reflexological trail, spice garden, fruit orchard, basket ball, trampoline, Little Free Library.
  3. Personal Attitude to Customers: We live in the complex and are available to customers 24/7 at 99% of arrivals. The check-in is done personally by the host and includes a detailed explanation of the complex, getting to know the guests, safety briefing and maintaining contact with the guest continuously throughout the period of his response to his inquiries.
  4. Green Tourism, Environment, Ecology and Sustainability: We produce solar energy from PV for self-consumption and the national electricity grid. In all our homes, garbage disposal is strictly organic: general, plastic bottles, glass bottles, papers and cartons. Each category is assigned a separate container. Each category is individually cleared for continued treatment. We use green products: biodegradable bags, cleaning supplies, etc. Our maid staff receives adequate wages, including full social conditions, vacations, recovery, pensions, etc. We monitor water and electricity consumption on-line regularly by mobile apps and internet communications. We regularly employ a pest control company with leading international standards – Eitan Amichai IPM Pest Control. We employ two gardening teams that operate throughout the year and maintain the flora in the host complex regularly. We contribute to the community in which we live on several levels: Provide our playroom and entertainment free of charge for public gatherings when there are no guests in the complex. Active in the regional tourism associations and keep in touch with the National Ministry of Tourism. We are in the final stages of receiving a “green tourism” label. And of course they maintain order and cleanliness in and around the complex. Our designers are careful to save energy-saving lighting fixtures (especially LED lighting) that do not cause lighting pollution.
  5. Make sure to use the Digital Information Management Tool for Business Management and Promotion – Channel Manager PMS – We are constantly updating our website. The site has an On Line booking engine in direct interface to our PMS software. We maintain 3 Facebook pages and a presence on other social networks. For the past six months we have been collecting information and designing a new website on the WordPress platform designed by Arthur Ifraimov
  6. Outsourcing – All physical work is done by external contractors except for maid service. Landscaping, maintenance, pest control, laundry, plumbing, culinary, tours of the Western Galilee – all by external parties. The subject of cleaning and rooming as is known is particularly sensitive. We employ a dedicated dedicated staff, who cleans and tidies the houses before guests enter and after exiting them strictly. We carry out personally: customer relations, marketing, sales, seat tours, control and management. We help quality professionals even if they are more expensive.
  7. AgriTourism – We live in, respect and contribute to a community. Agriculture is a major branch of our members’ livelihoods. Nearby we have a farm for self-harvesting of strawberries and other fruits that runs from April to July subject to season. In addition, there is a dairy and a factory to create fine goat cheeses – goat’s nature, goat’s house, cowshed, horse farms, fruit orchards: avocado, lychee, papaya, pineapple, oranges, ecological lettuce greenhouses, second hand bookstore, heritage sites and more. These and other farms are included in the motorized and explained tour that we do for our paid guests.
  8. Disabled Access: Our homes are accessible, wide entry doors, one-level entry level with a special wheelchair ramp, wide entry and shower front door and Pardes House also with auxiliary facilities and special handles for the disabled and toilet. Our website is accessible, we have already hosted accessibility experts, we have upgraded recommendations and implemented them
  9. Collaborations are at the community level: Among all the rural tourism operators, at the regional level: In activity in our tourism organizations in the Western Galilee: Western Galilee Time, the Treasures of the Galilee, and the Western Galilee Tourism Association where I am a board member, both nationally, in connection with the Ministry of Tourism, in professional forums In digital social media, in watsap groups, in conferences. And on the international level with opinion leaders in the field such as Moriya Hatzav Rockman from SmilingHouse. We collaborate in medical tourism with the Galilee Medical Center (Nahariya Hospital) near us a short walk away: medical teams, their families, hosting medical delegations, and families of inpatients. Families whose daughters participate in the Kibbutz Ga’aton Dance Village courses are hosted with us, and a collaboration is held with the Rosh Hanikra tourism site and the Old Acre Development Company.
  10. Feedback, feedback, feedback …. We attach great importance to guest feedback. All our feedback is verified. Although the number of bookings we receive from Airbnb is relatively low for major cities, their review mechanism is groundbreaking. Being able to record feedback not only about the hosts and the host but also the hosts is an amazing thing. This mechanism requires both hosts and hosts to behave appropriately. We have come to the conclusion that just knowing the host or host that they rank improves service and behavior most significantly.