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Kerem Books House

The Kerem books  Guest House is a concept house with a focus on books, culture, music and travel (about 160 square meters). The two floors can accommodate up to 18 people in 5 bedrooms, living room, kitchen,
:Entry level
  • "Boutique" room: double bed and option for 2 more single beds, wall closet, bathroom and shower with two heads.

  • Unique room: double bed, 2-bed bed and sofa bed

  • Facilities

  • Central closet for storing luggage, hanging coats, shirts, etc.

  • Living room

  • Dining area table for about 18 people

  • Fully equipped kitchen including: 4-door refrigerator, dishwasher, gas stove 4 flames, oven, toaster popcorn, Nespresso coffee machine, Tami 4, frothy milk, dishwasher,

  • Thin with a dining table, and a gas-based barbecue appliance

  • Security room includes: washing machine, clothes dryer, linen closet and general storage

  • Firehouse Corner

On the Top Floor:


  • A red room (with a sloping gallery ceiling from about 2 meters to a height of about half a meter): a double bed, two single beds

  • Blue room (in a sloping gallery ceiling from about 2 meters to about half a meter): double bed, two single beds

  • The Odyssey Room has a double bed and a comfortable armchair that can be opened to a single bed.

  • Shower and toilet

  • Small balcony​

The house is surrounded on both sides by lawns and on the back by a spice garden
General information:


  • Parking for 5 cars

  • Picnic table for children on the lawn

  • Free wifi internet

  • A large flat screen flat screen based on Yes

  • We provide: sheets, towels (for indoor use - sea and pool towels should be brought from home), blankets and soap

  • You can order separately breakfast prepared and prepared by Chef Yaron Chen from the pot service (http://www.shirathasirim.com/)

  • Dinner and lunch can be ordered separately in-house preparation by Chef Yaron Chen from the pot service (http://www.shirathasirim.com/)

  • Air conditioning and heating in all rooms including living room and dining area

  • A small picnic table for children

  • WIFI free internet

  • TV YES

  • We provide: sheets, towels, blankets, soaps, shampoos

  • You can order the meals of Chef Yaron Chen "Shirat Hakirim"

Entry Level
Top Floor

טלפון: 054-2152554

פקס: 04-9823824

אימייל: amit@meniv.co.il

כתובת: החושל 27, מושב בן עמי, ישראל

Phone: +972-54-2152554

Fax: 04-9823824

Email: amit@meniv.co.il

Address: Hahoshel St 27, Ben Ami, Israel

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