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Goren - Air conditioned and heated games room for all ages including:


  • A table in Bialard

  • Ping Pong Table

  • Magnetic maze

  • Seating for up to 50 people

  • Projection Screen

  • box games

  • Reading cave​


  • Table

  • chairs

  • Seating and reclining sofas

  • safe room

  • box games

  • Books

  • Additional games for all ages from the first months to the most advanced ages

  • Professional photography gallery by the photographer Noa Bar-On

Additional attractions:


  • Goren – Game Room

  • Reflexology path

  • Trampoline

  • Basketball facility

  • Spice Garden

  • Fruit trees

  •  Wooden house for children!

  • Family Challenge - outdoor training  O.D.T - By Avner Ben Non (Extra payment)


  •  Guided motorized tour of Moshav Ben-Ami for up to 5 people for viewing animals, fruit trees, agriculture, nature, culture, historical sites and attractions - NIS 250 for an hour tour and NIS 500 for a two-hour tour. The tour date and time must be arranged two weeks in advance

טלפון: 054-2152554

פקס: 04-9823824

אימייל: amit@meniv.co.il

כתובת: החושל 27, מושב בן עמי, ישראל

Phone: +972-54-2152554

Fax: 04-9823824

Email: amit@meniv.co.il

Address: Hahoshel St 27, Ben Ami, Israel

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תיכנון ועיצוב פנים: יעל קריסטל מ "בוטקה" ואריאלה רוז'נסקי מ “ARK”',  מורן רז Room Service   |   ניהול פרויקט ופיקוח:בנציון (בנצי) ברקוביץ  
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