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To Incoming tour only:


Is embarking on a new venture to promote FIT tourism in the Western Galilee.


What is Galil Pass?

A modular tourism package for FIT incoming tourists that will book a 2 night minimum stay in one of our participating accommodations.


Galil Pass Package

free entry to the Old Acre Crusader Experience, the Rosh Hanikra Cable Car and discounts on attractions and restaurants in the Western Galilee region. 



After reserving a room in a participating accommodation, Upon arrival to accommodation the guest will receive the Galil Pass booklet. The accommodation will stamp the booklet hereby stating the dates of the stay and validating the Galil Pass for use. Tour operators may also give their clients the booklet when booking the reservation. The booklet will later be stamped at the accommodation and validated.


The booklet is valid only during the days of the clients stay.

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פקס: 04-9823824

אימייל: amit@meniv.co.il

כתובת: החושל 27, מושב בן עמי, ישראל

Phone: +972-54-2152554

Fax: 04-9823824

Email: amit@meniv.co.il

Address: Hahoshel St 27, Ben Ami, Israel

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